The most important thing, of course. Here is the main cast of IMPENDIA:


 AMBA - The main antagonist, a black fox-like creature. Has kind of a scary medical condition--he resides between planes of reality and often drags several with him at any given time, which appear as a flowing cape-like appendage.

FRIGG - An old mouse and mother of two sons. A very plain-spoken lady whose favorite color is red. Severe when she wants to be, yet always nervous, whether about what trouble her sons have gotten themselves into or millions of other things.


APOPHIS - A tough, well-built giant canid of a hyena-like species. He's a bounty hunter, whose claim to fame is capturing the main antagonist from off-world, whether for the good of Impendia or not...


SHA RIKK'TOR - An erudite, bookish native of Impendia (one of few main characters who are), though an alien by the standards of most of the other characters. He's also one of few who understand most of the myths, legends, miracles, and nightmares of Impendia lore and the lore of surrounding systems.


SIA K - Close friend and colleague of Sha, more of a field agent than he is. She excels at tracking and killing things. Scientist by suntide, cold-blooded killer (in a good way?) by shadowtide.


ODILO - An off-world squirrel who comes to Impendia seeking to learn more about the dangers of its system to his people back home. Like most of the other squirrels back home and the ruling monarchy, he is extremely wary and discriminating of predatory species, even in the context of the mostly peaceful co-existence enjoyed by Impendians.


TURMAL - The main protagonist, a mouse. A severely flawed aspiring artist who at the beginning of the story works in a rather centrally-located chaw k'wok (coffee) shop. Brother of Mayeul and son of Frigg. Ironically, he shares Odilo's suspicion of certain species more than his brother does.


MAYEUL - Brother of the main protagonist, who is a well-traveled soul unlike Turmal, and who was adopted by the rulers of Odilo's tribe and given unprecedented access to their very secretive kingdom. He starts to become tired of their very strict policies and severe attitudes toward many innocent species.









IMPENDIA centers around a cloud planet of the same name with vast colonies in its skies and the rare tall, rocky plateaus which form the only habitable land. beneath, is a dark, uninhabitable, poisonous landscape where only legendary creatures are thought to thrive.

In the planet's system is a yellow main sequence star, a distant red dwarf which signals doom to the superstitious, and a mysterious source of gravity which some of the planet's scientists think is a massive black hole. in the planet's immediate system are three large moons whose shadows cover the entire planet at times and give Impendia highly irregular 'suntides' and 'shadowtides'.

there are rumors in the system that life has evolved near the supposed black hole, and THAT this life has all sorts of unexpected properties as a result. The arrival of a criminal from off-world may be the first evidence of this that impendia's scientists could study, or it may spell the end of the entire planet and its inhabitants...